Teds Woodworking Review: Uncover Its Value for Your Time and Money!

Reviewing Teds Woodworking:

Woodworking stands as an immensely fulfilling craft, merging creativity with practicality. The process of shaping raw materials into functional pieces for one’s abode or as heartfelt gifts holds a unique allure. Yet, the essence of woodworking lies in meticulous planning and precise execution—a facet well understood by enthusiasts and professionals alike. It’s within this realm that Teds Woodworking seeks to make its mark. Curated by Ted McGrath, Teds Woodworking boasts a staggering compilation of over 16,000 woodworking plans.

With over 25 years of woodworking experience and mentorship under his belt, Ted’s collection not only serves as a testament to his expertise but also as a beacon for aspiring craftsmen. The repository’s primary objective is to streamline woodworking endeavors by furnishing detailed guides and illustrations, thus simplifying even the most daunting projects. In this comprehensive review of Teds Woodworking, we embark on an exploration of the program’s offerings, dissecting its value proposition and assessing its suitability for woodworking enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the intricacies and ascertain whether Teds Woodworking warrants its acclaim and investment. Let the journey commence!

Understanding Teds Woodworking:

Teds Woodworking stands as a membership-based repository, housing an extensive library of over 16,000 diverse woodworking plans. Catering to individuals at varying skill levels, these plans encompass projects ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced proficiency. Complemented by detailed instructions, illustrative visuals, and CAD/DWG software for digital manipulation, Teds Woodworking endeavors to streamline the woodworking process, rendering even the most intricate projects accessible and manageable.

According to the Teds Woodworking website, each plan is meticulously crafted to eradicate ambiguity and foster clarity, thus facilitating seamless project execution. The overarching goal of the program is to empower individuals of all backgrounds to embark on woodworking ventures, culminating in the creation of exquisite and professional-grade pieces, devoid of the need for costly equipment or extensive experience. The spectrum of projects within Teds Woodworking is vast and encompasses various domains, including furniture, outdoor structures, artisanal crafts, and workshop essentials. From crafting intricate furniture pieces like beds and cabinets to constructing outdoor sanctuaries such as gazebos and pergolas, the repository caters to a plethora of woodworking aspirations.

Conceived by Ted McGrath, a seasoned woodworker, educator, and esteemed member of the AWI with over 25 years of industry experience, Teds Woodworking embodies a culmination of expertise and passion. Originally developed for Ted’s woodworking students, the program evolved into a comprehensive resource, aimed at equipping woodworkers worldwide with the necessary tools and knowledge to embark on woodworking endeavors with confidence. The cornerstone of Teds Woodworking lies in its commitment to providing detailed, user-friendly instructions and resources, facilitating a hassle-free woodworking experience for enthusiasts. Whether one is a novice seeking to hone their skills or a seasoned carpenter embarking on a new project, Teds Woodworking offers a tailored approach, ensuring accessibility and proficiency in every endeavor.

Exploring the Offerings of Teds Woodworking:

Delving into the realm of Teds Woodworking unveils a treasure trove of resources awaiting members’ exploration. Here’s an insightful overview of what membership entails:

  1. Comprehensive Library:Instant lifetime access to over 16,000 meticulously curated woodworking plans. Each plan is accompanied by step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, materials/cut lists, and CAD/DWG software, ensuring clarity and precision in execution. Suitable for woodworkers of all skill levels, catering to beginners, intermediates, and experts alike.
  2. Ongoing Updates:Members receive new plans monthly, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh project ideas. No recurring fees, making it a cost-effective investment for lifelong woodworking enthusiasts.
  3. Customization Options:Members can submit requests for custom plans, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Ideal for tackling unique or hard-to-find projects, fostering creativity and innovation.
  4. Educational Resources:Extensive woodworking guides and instructional videos, covering fundamental concepts and techniques. An archive of detailed video tutorials further enhances members’ learning experience.
  5. Digital Manipulation Tools:Access to CAD/DWG software facilitates plan reading and editing, enabling members to customize designs digitally.
  6. Satisfaction Guarantee:Teds Woodworking offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring members’ satisfaction with their investment.
  7. Bonus Content:Members gain access to supplementary materials, including a guide on starting a woodworking business, marketing resources, and more.

With a one-time price of $67, Teds Woodworking provides exceptional value, considering the breadth and depth of its offerings. The repository spans a myriad of woodworking projects, encompassing everything from large furniture pieces to intricate crafts. Whether crafting a bed frame, kitchen cabinets, or birdhouses for commercial endeavors, Teds Woodworking offers a diverse array of plans to suit every aspiration. Moreover, with new plans continuously added, members are assured a perpetual wellspring of inspiration and creativity, ensuring they never exhaust their woodworking pursuits.

Determining the Target Audience for Teds Woodworking:

Teds Woodworking sets out to cater to individuals across various skill levels, offering a plethora of meticulously crafted woodworking plans. Here’s a breakdown of the primary groups who stand to benefit the most from the program:

  1. Woodworking Beginners:Novices seeking to embark on their woodworking journey will find Teds Woodworking particularly invaluable. The step-by-step plans and comprehensive guides serve as excellent entry points, eliminating guesswork and instilling proper techniques from the outset.
  2. Intermediate Woodworkers:Seasoned hobbyists with a penchant for woodworking will discover a wealth of opportunities within Teds Woodworking. The repository’s expansive selection of advanced projects, coupled with monthly plan additions, ensures continued growth and exploration for intermediate practitioners.
  3. Woodworkers with Limited Tools/Space:Enthusiasts constrained by minimal tools and workspace will appreciate Teds Woodworking’s emphasis on accessibility and practicality. Many projects necessitate only basic tools and a modest workspace, making them ideal for individuals without expansive workshops.
  4. Woodworkers Looking to Monetize Skills:Those harboring aspirations of transforming their woodworking passion into a lucrative venture will find ample support within Teds Woodworking.Guides elucidating the nuances of starting a woodworking business, coupled with insights into marketing and selling products, offer a roadmap for monetizing woodworking prowess effectively.
  5. DIY Homeowners:Homeowners keen on undertaking home improvement projects and repairs autonomously will find Teds Woodworking to be a valuable resource. By equipping individuals with the requisite plans and techniques, the program empowers homeowners to tackle tasks around the house independently, thus circumventing the need for external contractors.

In essence, Teds Woodworking endeavors to democratize woodworking, rendering it accessible, approachable, and enjoyable for individuals across diverse backgrounds and aspirations. Whether one seeks to embark on a newfound hobby, expand their repertoire of skills, or explore entrepreneurial opportunities, the program serves as a comprehensive companion, providing the necessary tools, techniques, and confidence to embark on woodworking endeavors with zeal and proficiency.

Deciphering the Mechanics of Teds Woodworking:

Embarking on a woodworking journey with Teds Woodworking entails navigating a seamless process designed to alleviate common frustrations and obstacles encountered by woodworkers across all proficiency levels. Here’s a breakdown of how Teds Woodworking operates:

  1. Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions:Each plan within Teds Woodworking comes replete with a comprehensive material list, precise cut list, detailed diagrams, illustrations, and instructions. Eliminating ambiguity, these meticulous instructions leave no room for guesswork, ensuring clarity and precision in every step of the project.
  2. Beginner-Friendly Approach:Teds Woodworking adopts a novice-friendly ethos, equipping beginners with the requisite knowledge and confidence to commence woodworking endeavors with ease. Plans commence with straightforward projects, gradually introducing proper techniques from the ground up, bolstered by helpful tips scattered throughout the guides.
  3. Elimination of Guesswork With Schematics:Straying away from vague schematics, Teds Woodworking prioritizes accuracy, employing precise dimensions, angles, and sharp diagrams to eradicate guesswork. By providing a clear visualization of how components fit together, costly mistakes are preempted, ensuring flawless project execution.
  4. Variety of Project Types/Skill Levels:Housing over 16,000 plans spanning diverse project types and skill levels, Teds Woodworking guarantees a constant influx of fresh and engaging projects. From beginner-friendly endeavors to more intricate undertakings, the repository caters to a spectrum of woodworking aspirations.
  5. Monthly Plan Additions:Members of Teds Woodworking benefit from a perpetual stream of new woodworking plans added monthly, ensuring sustained engagement and skill refinement. Ted’s proficient team of woodworkers continuously churns out innovative designs, augmenting the repository’s wealth of resources.
  6. Lifetime Access At One-Time Price:A nominal one-time fee of $67 grants members lifetime access to the entire repository of plans, present, and future, sans hidden fees or recurring costs. This unparalleled value proposition ensures unrestricted access to a plethora of woodworking resources, making Teds Woodworking an indispensable asset for enthusiasts.

In amalgamating these facets, Teds Woodworking endeavors to democratize woodworking, fostering accessibility, approachability, and enjoyment across all skill levels. By providing a comprehensive toolkit encompassing plans, techniques, and guidance, the program paves the way for a fulfilling and rewarding woodworking experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Pros and Cons of Teds Woodworking:

Before making a purchase decision, it’s essential to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of Teds Woodworking. Here’s a comprehensive rundown based on customer feedback and thorough analysis:


  1. Extensive Plan Library:Boasts over 16,000 plans encompassing a wide spectrum of woodworking projects, catering to diverse interests and preferences.
  2. Continuous Updates:Members enjoy monthly additions to the plan database at no additional cost, ensuring a constant stream of fresh and innovative project ideas.
  3. Inclusive Skill Levels:Plans tailored for all skill levels, accommodating novices venturing into woodworking for the first time as well as seasoned experts seeking new challenges.
  4. Elimination of Guesswork:Detailed step-by-step instructions and precise schematics leave no room for ambiguity, facilitating seamless project execution even for beginners.
  5. Digital Viewing Tools:Integration of CAD/DWG software enables members to view plans digitally, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.
  6. Satisfaction Guarantee:Backed by a robust 60-day money-back guarantee, providing reassurance and peace of mind to customers.
  7. Cost-Efficient Membership:A one-time payment of $67 grants lifetime access to both existing and future plans, offering exceptional value for money.
  8. Supportive Community and Resources:Access to an active user community and responsive customer support, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.
  9. Bonus Business Guides:Supplementary resources on initiating a woodworking business augment members’ entrepreneurial aspirations, enhancing the program’s utility beyond project execution.


  1. Limited Sorting/Filtering Options:Lack of advanced sorting/filtering functionalities within the plan database, hindering the ability to easily navigate through the vast repository.
  2. Potential Download Challenges:Large file sizes may pose download challenges, particularly for users with slower internet connections, potentially prolonging the initial setup process.
  3. Occasional Errors in Plans:Despite meticulous curation, occasional user-reported errors in plans may necessitate additional troubleshooting or modifications during project execution.
  4. Abundance of Basic Plans:Some users express dissatisfaction with the preponderance of basic and beginner-level plans, craving more advanced and intricate projects.

Customer reviews of Teds Woodworking overwhelmingly reflect positivity, with particular emphasis on the extensive selection of plans, comprehensive instructions, and beginner-friendly nature of the program. Here are excerpts from several glowing testimonials:

  1. Willie Stark, Chief Editor of Woodworking in Valdosta, lauds it as the most extensive compilation of project plans he’s ever encountered, describing it as indispensable for woodworking enthusiasts, especially beginners, and setting an unprecedented standard in intricacy.
  2. Bradly Lerwill from Durham, UK, appreciates its plans for being effortlessly readable and understandable, deeming it a priceless addition to his woodworking reference library and recommending it wholeheartedly to anyone intrigued by woodworking.
  3. Melvin Jones of the AWFS Association in Lake Ariel, PA, hails it as a remarkable investment for woodworkers at all levels, describing it as an unparalleled resource catering to both novices and seasoned woodworkers, emphasizing its astounding content and plan quality, considering it an absolute steal.
  4. Kevin Roane from San Mateo, CA, concludes that the quest for such a treasure has finally ended, urging others to prepare for an immersive experience in design with detailed photographs, meticulously crafted blueprints, comprehensive materials lists, and step-by-step instructions, recommending it as a must-have for anyone seeking inspiration for their next project or envisioning crafting exquisite wooden creations.

Additionally, feedback from Facebook fans echoes similar sentiments, further reinforcing the program’s positive reception among woodworking enthusiasts.

While some negative reviews mention occasional minor errors in plans, customers commend the promptness of customer service in addressing any issues. Overall, Teds Woodworking garners widespread acclaim for its detailed plans, diverse project offerings, beginner-friendly approach, and exceptional value proposition, making it a go-to resource for woodworking enthusiasts at all levels of expertise.

Teds Woodworking provides an enticing offer with lifetime access to its extensive array of over 16,000 plans, including new monthly additions and bonus materials, all available for a single payment of $67. There are no recurring fees or concealed charges associated with the subscription.

Payment can be made securely through PayPal or credit card using the trusted ClickBank payment processor, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.

When juxtaposed with competitors’ pricing, where similar resources often command prices exceeding $100 for just a fraction of the plans offered by Teds Woodworking, the value proposition becomes strikingly apparent:

  • Access to over 16,000 plans for a one-time fee of $67
  • Monthly additions to the plan database for life
  • Provision for custom plan requests
  • Inclusion of guides, instructional videos, and CAD software

The affordability of Teds Woodworking pricing model democratizes woodworking, granting both novices and seasoned craftsmen unparalleled access to a vast repository of project ideas and resources. Whether embarking on a new hobby or seeking to expand one’s woodworking repertoire, the $67 investment ensures limitless opportunities for creativity and skill development.

Moreover, Teds Woodworking provides additional peace of mind through its 60-day money-back guarantee. In the event of dissatisfaction, customers are entitled to a full refund within 60 days of purchase, underscoring the program’s commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in its offerings.

Comparison of Teds Woodworking with Competitors:

Teds Woodworking stands unrivaled in the woodworking resources arena, offering an unparalleled blend of value and features that set it apart from its competitors:

  1. Extensive Plan Selection:Teds Woodworking boasts over 16,000 plans, dwarfing the offerings of most competitors, who typically provide only a few hundred plans at best.
  2. Pricing Model:While other platforms often charge monthly fees for access to plans, Teds Woodworking offers lifetime access to its entire plan library for a one-time payment of $67, providing exceptional value for money.
  3. Unique Features:Teds Woodworking distinguishes itself with distinctive features such as the custom plan request option, monthly additions to the plan database, and inclusion of CAD software, enhancing its appeal and utility.
  4. Detailed Instructions and Beginner-Friendly Approach:The program’s detailed schematics and beginner-friendly approach stand out, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for woodworkers of all skill levels, a feature that sets it apart from its competitors.
  5. Positive Customer Reviews:Customers widely acclaim Teds Woodworking, praising its top-notch plans, detailed instructions, and the program’s responsive customer service and active user forum.

While competitors like Woodworking4Home may offer comparable plan quantities, Teds Woodworking consistently outshines them in terms of detailed instructions, beginner resources, and overall user experience, as attested by customer feedback.

Should You Invest in Teds Woodworking?

Undoubtedly, Teds Woodworking presents a compelling proposition for woodworking enthusiasts:

  • With a one-time payment of $67, you gain access to an extensive repository of plans suitable for all skill levels, accompanied by monthly plan additions, custom plan requests, and comprehensive guides and videos.
  • The program’s step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams, and material lists alleviate frustration and guesswork, making project completion seamless and enjoyable.
  • Considering the costs associated with individual plans, tools, materials, and potential mistakes, Teds Woodworking offers substantial savings and convenience, paying for itself almost instantly.
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, the investment is virtually risk-free, with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback validating the program’s quality and value proposition.

In conclusion, Teds Woodworking emerges as a wise investment for anyone seeking to delve into woodworking, refine their skills, access a myriad of projects, or monetize their craftsmanship. With its comprehensive resources and customer-centric approach, Teds Woodworking empowers enthusiasts to embark on woodworking ventures with confidence and enthusiasm.

For those interested in exploring Teds Woodworking further, the official website offers a gateway to embark on this enriching woodworking journey.

TedsWoodworking Review Summary:

Teds Woodworking stands out as a comprehensive woodworking resource, offering over 16,000 meticulously crafted plans suitable for individuals of all skill levels. Each plan is equipped with detailed material lists, cutting lists, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and CAD software, ensuring precision and clarity in project execution. With the added benefit of new plans being continuously added on a monthly basis at no extra charge, members are granted a perpetual stream of fresh project ideas and inspirations.

Crafted by Ted McGrath, a seasoned master woodworker with more than 25 years of experience, Teds Woodworking reflects his expertise and commitment to the craft. Customers laud the program for its comprehensive plans, user-friendly approach, and abundance of resources, highlighting its value as an indispensable tool for woodworking enthusiasts.

Priced at a one-time fee of $67, Teds Woodworking offers exceptional value when compared to its competitors, making woodworking accessible and affordable for all. Furthermore, the program provides added peace of mind with its 60-day refund policy, allowing users to explore its offerings risk-free.

In conclusion, Teds Woodworking emerges as a highly recommended resource for individuals seeking a reliable and hassle-free solution to complete woodworking projects. While we strive to provide unbiased reviews, it’s important to note that some links may be affiliate links, allowing us to earn commissions from purchases made, without imposing any additional cost on the buyer. However, our recommendations are solely based on our own evaluations, testing, and opinions, ensuring transparency and integrity in our reviews.

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